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My biggest issue is that I don’t know what I don’t know. So my WordPress experience has been working with Elementor and Astra themes. I never dived because of the lack of content. I came to WordPress when there was so much changing. The “learn javascript deeply” era.

I didn’t focus on PHP at all. I went to BootCamp to learn MERN. I love the modern web and React. But I also like WordPress. I’ve been on a lonely Island trying to predict the future of WordPress, lol. I’ve been listening to Matt trying to crack the code. But I never understood where he was going. It seems like it’s a secret that only a secret few know.

I want to be dangerous, employable, modern but not to the bleeding edge. I also want to be able to fish so that I’m never hungry. Having access to Alex and his trove of knowledge is worth the ticket price.

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Developer, Podcaster, Albums & Algorithms

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