Build a Nearly-Headless WordPress Site Using AlpineJS

In this course, I’m going to teach you how to create a WordPress theme that applies a semi-headless approach to a WordPress website. Using modern WordPress practices, build a blazingly fast WordPress website theme using AlpineJS and TailwindCSS.

Nearly Headless? How Can You Be Nearly Headless?

Nearly headless is an approach to WordPress theme development that gives you the benefits that comes with the performance benefits of a fully headless website, but runs it using WordPress as a theme. This makes it possible for many plugins to work on your site without trouble. This paradigm also has the option to switch to “compatibility mode”, which basically allows certain pages to load using traditional methods. This allows you to force pages that are _not_ compatible with the app to run normally, if needed.

I talk a lot more about this paradigm in this blog post.

Use Native WordPress Routing

Compatible With Most Plugins

Compatible With WordPress Hosts

What This Course Will Cover

This course is a front-end focused course, and will teach you how I build websites using the nearly headless approach instead of going fully headless for my clients at my agency, DesignFrame Solutions. This paradigm is literally being used by this website right now. You can see the performance gains if you visit the blog, and load some pages.

Dive Deep Into AlpineJS

Building Custom REST Endpoints

An In-Depth look at Underpin’s Template System

Extend WordPress JavaScript Libraries

Set Up Webpack, The WordPress Way

Use, and extend TailwindCSS

This course is intended for developers who want to take a deep dive into how to build WordPress themes. No WordPress experience is required to follow-along, but you should know basic PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML before you try to tackle this course. If you want to learn how to build blazingly fast, modern WordPress themes that are easy to debug, scale well, and are easy to extend, this is the course for you.

Some Nice Things People Say About WP Dev Academy

Alex’s straightforward, absolutely no bullshit way of teaching is a breath of fresh air.

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Adam W. Warner
Global Field Marketing Sr. Manager, GoDaddy Pro

The course content is great. I Feel like I’m getting WP super powers.

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Alan Charlesworth
Web Developer,, Self-Employed

I want to be dangerous, employable, modern but not to the bleeding edge. I also want to be able to fish so that I’m never hungry. Having access to Alex and his trove of knowledge is worth the ticket price.

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Developer, Podcaster, Albums & Algorithms

Woof woof

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Lead disc fetcher, WP Dev Academy

Course Instructor

Alex Alex Author

WordPress developer. I’m serving my clients through my businesses – DesignFrame Solutions, or putting in sweat equity in my off grid life.

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